Solution Engineering

Logistics Consultancy & Global Audit

We help you find out if your current logistics system is time- and cost-efficient, and design solutions to specific logistics challenges you face.

Case Study

  • Evaluating the order to optimise physical, logistics and financial flows
  • Optimising loadability, planning of structure and dozens of other factors proactively to meet your goals
  • Innovating solutions that meet client goals

Third- and Fourth-Country Cross-Trading

We have 35 years’ specialised experience in navigating the complexities of cross-trading.

Case Study

  • Multiple countries means multiple complications and multiple opportunities for things to go wrong s
  • The logistics solution needs to overcome the simultaneous constraints of all countries involved

Worldwide Government Compliances

We are updated on fluctuating government rules and their implications for your business.

Case Study

  • Some situations are unprecedented and there are no rules governing them.
  • We present your case to the authorities and help create solutions that make it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Packaging design and Re-engineering

We give you packaging solutions which achieve the balance between cargo protection and cost minimisation.

Case Study

  • Physically sensitive freight is taken care by specialist personel.
  • Superior technology machinery prevents packaging strain and damage.

Strategic Sourcing and Inventory Optimisation

We seamlessly integrate the vendors across your supply chain and help you engineer inventory management practices that lower your cost of freight.

Case Study

  • strong warehousing and distribution network optimises cost-time balance according to your goals.
  • Optimising resources and inventory to ensure all stakeholders have a positive experience, further cementing their commitment to the business relationship.

Production and Freight Integration

Our expertise helps you plan freight in a manner that results in lower cost of production and minimal transportation time.

Case Study

  • Integrating the processes of production and inventory management to meet your freight goals.
  • making requisite changes in materials and sourcing to enable the above integration.
  • Achieving production and freight integration while minimising transportation time.

Delivery to Conflict Zones Across the Globe

You do not need to forego profit because you are hesitant to trade in a particular geographic area.

Case Study

  • Using expertise in multi-modal transport to execute last-mile delivery in conflict zones.
  • Securing insurance and security for the cargo within the timeframe.
  • Well-established networks on the ground help facilitate the process.

Data Integration

We provide accurate real-time information seamlessly integrated with your IT system

Case Study

  • Integrating with your CRM to ensure real-time accurate information.
  • Generating and delivering service quality reports when there is the slightest deviation, even if it is acceptable, from agreed norms.

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