Freight Forwarding and Management

Intercont evaluates your freight on a 3-way axis: cost, time, and service levels, to meet your goals.
The specific solution suggested may involve air freight, ocean freight, road and rail freight, or a combination of these.

Air Freight:


  • Basic Service minimises cost while optimising delivery time and service levels.
  • Premium Service offers an optimal mix of cost, time and service levels to meet your specific freight goals.
  • Premium Service offers an optimal mix of cost, time and service levels to meet your specific freight goals.
  • Special Freight Delivery optimises freight cost, time and service level goals for products that require special handling and/or transportation and/or storage.

Ocean Freight:


  • Full Container Load is the standard mode, where shipping a full container as a single unit can be the most time and cost-efficient way to transport freight.
  • Less than Container Load shipping allows Intercont to consolidate orders from various clients to offer you lower costs of transport, despite not having a Full Container Load of freight.
  • Break Bulk shipping requires Intercont to break oversize goods into more manageable sizes to enable their transport.

Surface Transport

Intercont’s global network of Road and Rail transport enables:

  • Last-mile delivery to any location, including conflict zones
  • Consolidation of freight in trucks
  • Centralised monitoring of freight movement

Multimodal Transport:

Customised solutions typically involve a combination of air, ocean, road and rail transport to achieve the optimal cost-time balance that meets your goals, with the unmatched service levels that are Intercont’s hallmark.


Worldwide Customs Clearance and Brokerage:

Intercont is renowned for its exceptional Customs Clearance services, some of which include:

  • Documentation
  • Examination of shipment
  • Clearance of cargo
  • Port handling
  • Warehousing

Worldwide Customs Clearance and Brokerage:

Intercont offers worldwide customs clearance and brokerage services that will minimise cost and time at virtually no risk to you. We help you:

  • Develop standard operating procedures and best practices to minimise, if not eliminate, regulation errors.
  • Coordinate cargo examination to streamline inventory and reduce cost.
  • Process documentation, examination of shipment, customs clearance, assessment, examination, dispatch and delivery of goods to destination for imports.
  • Prepare documents for classification of drawback, receipt of goods, process clearance of goods and customs clearance, and hand over to carriers in the case of exports.
Some of these services are offered by our competitors as well, but what makes us the go-to people for our customers is the process we follow.

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